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goWSB has been designed to improve the convenience of walking school buses (WSBs) for parents and school communities. Traditional WSBs involve children walking together to school as a group supervised by a coordinator. goWSB enables families to remotely monitor the progress of a WSB through a mobile application that provides real-time visualisation of a WSB's current location, predicted arrival times at pick-up points & security controls that empower parents to better coordinate a families morning routine.

Where is my walking school bus?

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goWSB for Parents

  • Reduce child transport costs.
  • Increase your children's exposure to physical activity and improve wellbeing.
  • Gain greater flexibility in your morning routine, freeing up time to perform other activities
  • Real-time visualisation of your children's whereabouts taking part in a WSB & offers peace-of-mind that they have arrived safely.
  • Encourage your children to be more proactive in coordinating their travel to school.
  • Engage in environmentally sustainable approaches to child transportation.
" Being able to track the walking school bus meant we were able to leave the house just before it reached us, cutting down waiting time. " - Parent A
" The app felt useful as I was able to see where the Walking school bus was. Also I was able to see when they arrived at school. " - Parent B
" The children enjoyed following the bus on the phone learning about where the signal came from. " - Parent C

How Do I Get Started?

  • Already set up a Walking School Bus (WSB), and are using or planning to use the goWSB service, the parent mobile goWSB application can be downloaded here.
  • The Parents Instruction Booklet can be downloaded here.
  • Already set up a Walking School Bus (WSB) but the WSB leader (School) does not use the goWSB application, information about goWSB for schools is available here & passed onto your School's WSB leader.
  • Not got a Walking School Bus (WSB), more information about setting up a WSB can be found here.

goWSB for Schools

  • Increase safety and air quality around school gates by reducing the number of vehicle drop-offs.
  • Encourage children’s independent mobility
  • Promote children’s fitness, road safety awareness and learning about digital technologies.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of walking school bus leaders and parents coordinating children onto pick-ups.
The Head Teacher Instruction Booklet can be downloaded here.


If you wish to register your School as an accredited goWSB provider please contact us at:


For technical support please contact us at: